New Making

"The selection of materials is very important, I always search for the perfect wood and select it very carefully; not only must it have certain aesthetic properties, but the optimal qualities in terms of weight, strength and flexibility. Many of my instruments are modern copies of old Cremonese instruments and I take every opportunity to see and take photographs and measurements of the original instrument."
- LW

Violin-making is one of the arts that connects fine arts (such as sculpture, painting, design, and restoration) with music and the acoustic world. Instrument design and construction is dependent on its curved lines and surfaces, which are carved and bent for optimum lightness, strength and flexibility. Knowledge of materials and an ability to sense the strengths and weaknesses of a given piece of wood is essential. The design, architecture and choice of wood all determine the ultimate potential of the finished work.

If you are seeking a fine violin, viola, cello, or bow, please call and visit me to see what I have to offer. Of course, my collection is always changing. I will always be very happy to describe my offerings. You will find the best services and honest pricing.

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