"If you are seeking a fine violin, viola, cello or a bow for any of these instruments, please contact me. You will find the best services and honest pricing. Let me know you your requirements, and I will do my utmost to assist you and find you the right instrument or the bow"– LW.

The finest instruments

Lukas Violins shop carries a diverse selection of fine quality instruments and bows for sale for professionals, students, and anyone else at any level. The clientele ranges from beginners to world famous musicians, virtuosos, soloists, and orchestra players from New York City and surrounding areas, and other musicians visiting from all over the world. The collection always changes, but it includes various Contemporary and rare examples of the old masters. Prospective buyers can rest assured that all the instruments and bows have been carefully examined, heavily scrutinized, and well prepared for sale.

Retain the value

Lukas Wronski offers a respected certification and an appraisal services and he can guarantee a future trade-in for all purchases. If you would like to purchase a new instrument, upgrade, or sell your instrument, you can be confident in Lukas Wronski's reputation and in the authority and appeal of his Certificate of Authenticity. In-house expertise guarantees that each client can be confident in their purchase.

Personalized services

Lukas Wronski's instruments are designed and made at the Lukas Violins shop in New York City. Many of them are currently available at the shop. Please feel free to describe your needs, ideas about your dream instrument which Lukas Wronski can make for you or discuss what he may offer to you. "Over the years, I have helped many musicians find instruments that are right for their individual playing styles and musical needs. I always try to have many very good examples of rare instruments as well as a fine selection of modern and other contemporary makers." LW.

If you are seeking a fine violin, viola, cello, or bow, please call and visit me to see what I have to offer. Of course, my collection is always changing. I will always be very happy to describe my offerings. You will find the best services and honest pricing.

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