Mark Peskanov

Violin virtuoso, Composer, Artistic Director of Bargemusic, Brooklyn, NY

"Lukas Wronski is a very gifted luthier. Over the years he has taken very good care of my instruments. He always does a fantastic job adjusting and repairing my violins. He makes them sound better than expected.

His unique aesthetics have produced instruments innovative in look and powerful in sound. He says he is making a violin for me, and I am looking forward to it. Wishing him continued success."

Kinga Augustyn

Concert Violinist, Teacher, Artistic Director of NYDAI. New York

" Where do I look for great Old Italian violins and French bows? Where do I get the best violin adjustment?

There is one place for it all: LUKAS VIOLINS in New York City, owned by Lukasz Wronski. THE BEST VIOLIN SHOP! Highly recommended to anyone looking for expert services and best deals. I have played on many violins made by Lukas Wronski. Though modern, they have often been mistaken for Italian Instruments. I am also very thankful to Lukas for helping me with my violins and with finding a great bow—the same bow that had been sitting overpriced at another shop for a year."

Netanel Draiblate

Concertmaster, virtuoso, composer, teacher, Founder and Director of the Annapolis Symphony Academy

"For the past few years I have been playing on borrowed instruments looking for a modern violin to call my own. Last year I met Mr. Wronski via a mutual friend. , I asked Mr. Wronski whether he had some modern violins to show me, he immediately pulled several off the rack for me to try. One violin stood out to me, it was warmer and darker than the others, at first it was seemingly best suited for chamber music playing. Lukas, being very generous, let me try the violin for a little while, I totally fell in-love with it and later decided to purchase the instrument."

Maggie and Mark O’Connor

Virtuosos, teachers, composers. North Carolina

"Maggie O’Connor owns a Lukas Wronski violin from 2003 based on Nicolo Amati model. I have had a Wronski violin for years and I love it. It has the sweetest sound and most beautiful color; I plan on owning it for life. Lukas is a true artist and craftsman.

The quality of Lukas’ violins is world class and each instrument is one of a kind, a true gem for anyone lucky enough to own one. Lukas’ artistry is a great asset to not only the classical violin world, but also the American violin genres, in which my husband and I specialize. Lukas has truly embraced the violin in all of its genres of music and culture; in my opinion there is no better ambassador for the violin making arts than Lukas Wronski and his violins."

Maureen Gallagher

Ex-principal violist at: Orchestra of St. Luke’s, New York City Ballet and Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. New York

"I HIGHLY recommend luthier Lukasz Wronski. My violas have improved wonderfully with his repair work, which includes new sound posts, bridges, new pegs, gluing, and different string choices. They sound very resonant, project well, and they're evenly balanced. I have also seen excellent varnish work done by him on some of my colleagues' instruments. Lukasz has a great instinct for what will improve each instrument. The ambience of his shop is extremely warm and welcoming."

Matthew Farquharson

concert violinist

"My long search in many violin shops all over the country for a new violin came to an immediate halt when I first played on one of Lukas Wronski's violins.

His instruments possess the powerful and rich tone that I love. Not only does he have a beautiful shop, but his adjustments are of a true artist who is a master of his craft. I fly all the way to NYC just for his perfect adjustments. Thank you, Lukas!"